2018 Stage two construction of AltiHut

2018 AltiHut Arrives in Stepantsminda

2017 First stage / Little Hut / Fundation and Concrete Slab

2016 Site survey / First Ideas / collecting the stones

Special Thanks to AltiHut friends:

Kurt Wandfluh

Great Carpenter and Great Friend. He has upgraded the wooden design of the Altihut and personally assembled it on elevation of 3014 meters. Kurt is Honorable Ambassador of Altihut Project; he has inspired and motivated Swiss crew to participate in the project

Franz Cotting

The Pilot, The legend and Ambassador of Altihut in the Skies. Franz has managed to transport more than 500 wooden elements to the elevation of 3014 m ASL without damaging a single one, allowing the crew to complete the most difficult part of the construction in just 10 days!

Mathias Hediger

UAGM Mountain Guide, Rescuer, Paramedic, Helicopter flight assistant and professional carpenter. He has leveraged his skills to assure flawless progress of the hut assembly as well as managed whole constructions process safety and security.

Stefan Müller

Owner and CEO of Müller Holzbau AG, Switzerland. Besides his personal financial support of the project, he has personally coordinated the construction process and final assembly of Altihut on the elevation of 3014 masl along with his crew. The great Leader and great friend.

Markus Nischt

Carpenter, Foreman at the Müller Holzbau AG. and most energy human on the planet Earth. Besides his high professional skills Markus has managed to create an atmosphere in the team that was a fuel for high quality work on such elevation.

Mario Filli

Carpenter, Police Officer and a Great Man. Without his organizational skills and discipline, it would have been impossible to sort and prepare the elements, in order to complete the construction. He has sacrificed his vacation to this project and created great value for the Altihut project.

Ivo Merkli

Managing Director of Müller Holzbau AG. Usually directors sit in the offices, but not Ivo, he has arrived to Georgia in order to personally oversee the successful completion of the project. He has brought great energy, vigour and motivation to the team that served as a great power for successfully finishing the construction.

Krista Rudin

Together with Peter, Krista has participated in sponsoring the project and worked hard together with her husband on the construction site on Caucasus, on the elevation of 3014 masl.

Peter Rudin

Peter and his wife Krista have been great supporters and motivators of Altihut Project from its early stage; they have personally sponsored all mounting parts of the Hut. Besides this, Rudin family has worked hard on the construction site on elevation of 3014 masl to oversee the successful completion of the hut.

Baadur Jincharadze

The Architect. Badri has created the initial architectural project of the Altihut and managed all bureaucratic procedures prior to the construction. He later improved the project to be accustomed to the hard weather conditions on elevation of 3014 masl.

Nino & Beka

Founding partner of STIPFOLD studio, Beka Pkhakadze joined the project at the last stage but contributed a great deal together with interior designer Nino Legashvili. The team of Beqa & Nino has worked hard to create aesthetic and unique interior design of the AltiHut, which has become a statement for of a new chapter in Georgian Mountain HUT tradition.